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Just want to let you know the Basic Foods Birthday Bash was a huge success, despite all of the rain. Basic Foods was so grateful for the support you gave . I did demos of the 4 better N Peanut Butter and 2 of the Better N Chocolate and they did awesome!!!! Someone was demoing peanut butter right next to me and did not sell one jar. I on the other hand sold lots of jars. The Better N Chocolate was a monster!!! Sold out of the Coconut in an hour and a half and 3 hours on the Cinnamon. Of all the people tasting for 7 hours only 1 person had any negative remarks. Basic Foods told me the minute I get code numbers to just send to them. Demoing that product is close to a guaranteed sale. It was fun watching all of the expressions of joy when people tasted the chocolate coconut. Thanks for all of you support.

- Frank Foster

I'm not the type who usually leaves "comments" on websites. But I must admit that after trying your product (I bought the low sodium variety), I predict that I'll be a lifelong consumer/addict. I put it on everything--carrots, peppers, crackers, my fingers! A HUGE thanks to the geniuses who invented it.

- Chee-Chee

This is the food of the gods! I had to give up my beloved peanut to lose 100 pounds (which I have now done). I am so excited to find this alternative! And it tastes just as good as real peanut butter!

- Cathleen Snyder, California

Just what I was looking for! A genious creation! I am in love and have hooked my roomate! Its just great we eat it everyday! We would love to try the chocolate! Thanks.

- Nicole Lodi, Florida

The person or persons who came up with this recipe should, in my opinion, be nominated for sainthood. I love your product and I consume two jars of it a week... For someone who is watching his weight and loves peanut butter, I could never find a product better than this.

- Bob Minnocci, Massachusetts

I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! I came across it at a store and being a PB lover who had refrained because of the fat and calorie content, I was ecstatic! It tastes better to me because I know it is not a sin! I also share it with 8 of my coworkers and 5 of the 8 are addicted. One recently bought a case! We like the low sodium. Thank You for a great product.

- Laura Hall

This is the best product since sliced bread! It truly is the best alternative to regular high-fat peanut butter spreads that deliver way too much fat and calories. I've told all my clients about this product and have recieved great comments back from all!

- Karsson Bartlett, Illinois

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Better'n Peanut Butter is pasteurized
for safety and always salmonella free

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